What can I share?

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So you have a group of people you want to stay in touch with, and setting up your own group website sounds like a cool way to do it, but what exactly can you do with GrandpaTellMe.com?

Here are some of the basics:

  • Share Photographs.
    Posting photographs to your GrandpaTellMe.com site is quick and easy and any member can do it.  You can also describe your photos, organize them by category, and add comments to photos posted by others.  A picture really is worth a thousand words and GrandpaTellMe.com makes it easy and fun to share photographic memories.

  • Record News and Current Events.
    Today's current events make up tomorrow's history.  You can start recording and sharing history just by setting up a site with GrandpaTellMe.com and sharing occasional notes with your group about life as it happens.  Use the "News" section for this.  Each member will be able to reply to your postings, or create postings of their own and together you will make history!

  • Share personal or Family/Group Stories.
    The history section of GrandpaTellMe.com allows you to share volumes of stories and histories.  A volume of history might be a single-page short history, or a 700-page transcription of an old family journal.  You can use it to record a journal one page at a time, or as a group project to record a collection of memories about a specific subject.  The possibilities are endless, and our goal is to make the stories endless by helping you to record them and preserve them.

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