How do I start?

(Page 2 of 5) helps groups of people work together to share life's experiences.  It is designed primarily for families, but it can also help friends, clubs, historical societies and others who want to work together and share information securely via the Internet.

So how do you start?  Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. Decide on your group.
    For example: "The descendants of James T. Smith" or "Parkinson family members" describe family groups.  But you can also set up a site for groups of friends, club members, historical societies, military battalions or any other group you would like to record and share memories with.

  2. Set up your site.
    You can get started by setting up a FREE account in as little as 30 seconds.  Just enter your name and email address, choose a username and password, then name your site to begin.

  3. Invite your friends / family / group members.
    After setting up your account you will want to invite people from your group to participate.  You can invite as many members as you like to join your group.  All you need is an email address and a name to create an invitation.  Links to "Add Members" are available from both the Home Page and the Members section of your site.

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